OPP Pledge to Enforce Speed Limit on Henry Street Bridge in Mitchell

OPP will be in the area with a new speed limit sign coming in the near future


OPP have made the promise after many complaints to enforce the speed limit on the Henry Street Bridge in Mitchell.

OPP will be around the area to educate the public that the bridge and surrounding area is not a racetrack and will be enforcing the set speed limit which West Perth council set aside $5000 in the budget to have a speed limit sign placed by the bridge.

Issues had been present before in the West end of town according to Mayor Walter McKenzie but changes such as enforced speed limits and signs had made a change on the speeding problems in the area.

Statistics on the report from the Mayor however are not available but says he sees drivers starting to use their brake lights in the area, a clear sign of its effectiveness.

There isn’t a time when the new sign will be on sight by the Henry Street bridge.