Mayor Kasenberg on Stay at Home Orders and John Bell Diamonds

Kasenberg not a fan of the new pricetag, but also wants to keep high level of baseball within North Perth


While council did approve on going forward with an increased budget for replacing the LED lights and poles at the baseball diamonds at John Bell park, the increase of an extra $131,700 is leaving some with a sour taste.

Mayor Todd Kasenberg says he certainly was not a fan of the big pricetag but also didn’t like the idea of not having a high level of baseball in North Perth.

“As much as I hated to see the pricetag, I also hated the idea of baseball being unavailable in North Perth at that level because we lack the appropriate facilities to do so.” said Kasenberg

On the topic of stay at home orders coming tomorrow, Mayor Kasenberg says this move was necessary, if things keep going the way they are without any changes, local hospitals would soon be overwhelmed.

“It’s very clear from the models, and fairly clear from reports I get as mayor and county councilor. Our health systems would not take much more before they get swamped and before difficult decisions would have to be made about patient care.”

Stay at home orders ask residents to only leave their home for essential reasons such as buying groceries or medical appointments.