Four Imapired Drivers Charged Around Stratford Over Easter

4 charges laid over the span of the long weekend


Four impaired drivers were charged over the Easter long weekend in the Stratford area according to police.

The first report came Saturday after an 18 year old from St Marys was seen leaving his vehicle after it rolled over in a field, police had discovered the driver was impaired.

Four hours later, police stopped a Dodge Ram on Perth Line 20 near Perth Road 130 where a 29 year old with a G2 license blew an “alert” for a novice driver, receiving a 3 day license suspension and a ticket issued.

On Sunday around 1am police stopped a GMC Sierra pickup swerving around Perth Road 130 in Perth South, the driver showed signs of impairment and blew over when taken into the police station.

The final charge was against a 28 year old Stoney Creek resident failed a roadside test on Erie Street near Crane Avenue.

The driver blew over the legal limit when taken into police headquarters.