Council to Vote on School Bus Stop Arm Camera Pilot Project


Should all work out after tonights council meeting, school buses in North Perth could soon have stop arm cameras installed.

Council has been discussing this topic for many months first brought to their attention by councilor Allan Rothwell and last week it was John and Ryan Chapman who put their feet down on the subject saying action needs to be taken now and not later.

Before council tonight is an approval for a pilot project to install stop arm cameras on buses which will also need local OPP support.

The motion before council;

THAT: The Council of the Municipality of North Perth reconsider
Resolution No. 525.11.23 (School Bus Stop Arm Cameras) from the
November 6, 2023 Council meeting based on information presented by
John Chapman and Ryan Chapman at the November 13, 2023 Council

AND THAT: The North Perth Council support a Pilot Project in North
Perth by the local school bus operators to install school bus stop arm
cameras provided that the local OPP support the Pilot Project;

AND FURTHER THAT: If approved, North Perth staff notify the County
of Perth Provincial Offences office, and the Community Safety and
Wellbeing Committee of the School Bus Stop Arm Camera Pilot