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5 Radio Facts


We have a significant daily audience, People listen to the radio in their cars, at work, and at home This constant presence means your advertisement can be heard by our community.


We have a specific demographic of listeners. We offer local content you can’t find anywhere else.


Compared to other media we are affordable. This cost-effectiveness allows for more frequent ads, increasing the chances of your message being heard.


Our stations are integral parts of our communities. We participate in local events, charities, and initiatives. Advertising with us not only puts your business in front of a local audience but also associates your brand with the community-centric station.


We are flexible and allow you to respond to market changes, promote limited-time offers, or update your messaging as needed.

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Mid-Western Ontario

Northern Ontario

This Month’s Feature!Sports Sponsorship

• 10 second tag
• 30 second commercial
• 5 days a week
$89.99Regular price $119.99 a week

Comes with:
• 1 golf pass To Kincardine Golf & 1 pass to
Suncoast Golf to either use or give away as

13 week minimum
Offer expires May 31, 2024

Buy 1 Station get 10% off the Second

Website Advertising

Top banner ad $99 a month


Larger side box $75 a month

Small side box $50 a month

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