North Perth Fire Department Share BBQ Fire Safety Tips

Many starting to bust out BBQs for the season


With weather starting to get better and more consistent, many are busting out their bbqs.

The North Perth Fire Department is reminding you of some basic fire safety as you set to start grilling for the season. The biggest being to only use your bbq outdoors and never inside as they produce carbon monoxide.

When taking your bbq out for the first time of the year always clean it and ensure burner ports are free of rust, dirt or spider webs. Check to make sure and examine the hose leading to and from the tank to the burners and replace it if its cracked or damaged.

You can test to find leaks by applying a 50/50 solution of water and dish soap to propane cylinder connections hoses, if bubbles appear you need to tighten the connection or replace damaged parts.

You should never leave a bbq unattended and keep pets and kids away from a hot bbq.