Mapleton Holding Special Meeting on Water & Wastewater Rates

Meeting is being held Via Zoom starting at 7pm on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022.


The Township of Mapleton advised residents of a Special Meeting of Council being held on Tuesday, January 18th starting at 7pm.

The topic of the meeting will be the discussion of Water and Wastewater Rates in the Township.

The meeting is being held via Zoom. Residents can join the meeting from their homes using the Zoom details below.

Zoom Meeting ID: 395 064 9180

To request a copy of the Agenda for the meeting, and the current Water & Wastewater Rate Schedule you can contact the Clerk at the Township of Mapleton, Larry Wheeler at or call 519-638-3313 ext. 045.

The full notice of the meeting is available below.