Howick Considering Recreational Trail System

Grant application is up to $250,000 with projects required to be completed by end of June next year


Howick has applied for a grant from the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative and if successful will intend on creating a recreational trail system.

If the grant application is successful, all work would need to be completed by June 30th of next year. The potential trail would be in Fordwich and Wroxeter.

The suggested entrance to the Fordwich trail would be Gough road going south. The trail loop would be a total of 2.14km estimated to cost around $158,500.

The Wroxeter trail would be off of Water street and Highway 87. The length of the out and back trail would be just under 1km and costing an estimated $75,000.

The Canada Healthy Communities Initiatives is a grant for up to $250,000 offered from the federal government.

The trail addition is phase 1 of the Townships plan. Looking ahead, phase 2 will include Gorrie. In order for the grant to be successful, the project must be completed by June 2022, which limits time on each trail to complete.

Council is in agreement on adding more trails in the near future.