Google offering Webinar on how to use Google Meet for Parents

Event will be available for viewing on-demand if live isn't possible


Google has announced they are offering a webinar to take parents through Google Meet, the platform used for online education.

It is scheduled for Thursday, January 14th at 8:45pm.

In the Webinar parents will be given a quick introduction on how to get their students online, learning synchronously with their teacher and giving them an easier time in online education.

The workshop is 60 minutes and is tailored for families of online learners.

The topics scheduled to be covered include:

  • Finding a link to your student’s online lesson
  • Know how to navigate Google Meet
  • Share top troubleshooting tips when nothing seems to go right
  • Know how your child may be participating (raising virtual hand, sending messages in chat etc.)
  • And a few more of their top parent strategies.

For those that can’t attend live the workshop will be offered for on-demand viewing. By registering you will receive the recording in your e-mail the following day.

Register for the session at this link: