Community Flagpole in North Perth Referred to DEI Committee


After some discussion, council has elected for now to wait on going forward or not with a community flagpole.

Discussion was about adding a flagpole at some existing locations but was ruled not necessary as the municipal flagpole for example has already been used to host additional flags.

While a preferred location showed at the former PUC building on Main Street was preferred it did some at a cost of $3000 which if they decided to go for 3 flagpoles would run up $9000.

Given the nature of the topic, councilor Lee-Anne Andriessen spoke saying it would make more sense to have the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee have a say on the matter.

“I’d be interested to hear how they feel about it because they are a representative of the community. Perhaps by deferring this, this could give more time for that committee to debate and discussion and provide some comments and thoughts to this council. Really that’s they’re for is to provide advice to us.” said Andriessen.

Council has for now to defer this decision and be refereed to the DEI Committee who will make a decision and return to council at a later date.