41 Day Strike Ends at Cargill Dunlop in Guelph


After 41 days of strike action, Cargill Dunlop will head back to work.

A new ratified agreement sees the strike end with the 960 unionized employees in Guelph leave the picket lines.

Strike action began after turning down a deal on May 26th with a strike vote held in April having 99 per cent support of its members.

As members head back to work and plant resumes, full hours might not be immediately available for members and as such the Union will continue pro-rated strike pay for the first week for those who aren’t getting full hours right away.

The new agreement includes;

  • This agreement contains wage increases totalling $3.75 per hour over the course of the agreement, which includes $2 per hour in the first year. That $2 will be paid retroactive for all hours worked, including overtime, since January 1, 2024. In addition, members receive a contract renewal incentive payment in the form of a $500 lump sum.
  • Dental coverage improves to $2,000 per year, and members also benefit from the removal of lifetime caps on a number of dental services.
  • Short Term Disability (STD) now has a maximum of 70% and will provide up to $143 more per week. This means members can receive up to $668 per week while on STD leave.
  • Bereavement leave entitlement for members will now be five days, up from four, for the death of a spouse, child, or parent.