Perth County Beef Farmers Hold AGM Last Night

Lack of Rail Butchers seen as Issue Affecting Industry as well as Position not Being Listed as Skilled Trade in Province.


The Perth County Beef Farmers Association held their Annual General Meeting last night virtually.

Key to the discussions with the membership was a number of resolutions for the Beef Farmers of Ontario AGM on support in training of future butchers to work to support the industry.

Secretary and Treasurer for the Perth County Beef Farmers Angela Schneider says there is a specific type of butcher they are hoping to get more of.

“There is a lack of butchers that do from kill, to what you might find in a grocery store, and there is the type that cut up what you might find in the grocery store.”

Another issue with butchers is that it is currently not listed as a Skilled Trade in Ontario. The Perth County Beef Farmers want the National Organization to lobby for that to change as well.