Pedestrain Crosswalk to be Looked Into on Wellington Road 17

Crosswalk suggestion comes following October 12th meeting


Mapleton council has directed staff to look into the requirements for installing a pedestrian crosswalk on Wellington Road 17 at the entrance to the Wallace Cumming Park.

Council made the move earlier this week following a delegation speaking at the October 12th meeting held at the Alma Community Centre.

An increase of traffic is being seen due to the recent creation of an alternate truck route which directs Highway 6 traffic around Fergus down Wellington Road 7 and 17, which passes through Alma.

Mayor Gregg Davidson says there are councilors lobbying for the county to fund the installation of the crosswalk but is restricted to ensure guidelines are followed.

Before a crosswalk can be considered to be installed the location must meet Transportation Association of Canada guidelines which includes a minimum distance from the closest traffic light and minimum traffic and pedestrian volumes.