Palmerston Parade Gearing Up for December


It’s very much parade season across the area as Minto Fire isn’t letting off the gas.

With the Harriston Parade held last weekend and Cliffords on Saturday, the Palmerston Firefighters Association will follow closely behind as they get the wheels going for December 3rd.

On top of the parade, the Palmerston Kinettes will be collecting donations of non perishable food items.

Devin Ellis from the Association says this year will bring back entertainment once again with the Brussels Pipe Band.

“What they always do is really cool, they come back to the Legion starting up by playing a song and pipe us all down into the Legion, there’s another song down there and they stay around while we announce the prizes.” said Ellis.

The parade will start at 7pm with the lineup starting at 6 at Dobsons Trailer Yard across the fire hall taking on the same route through town wrapping up the Legion.