Local Clifford Youth finds Success in Following Love of Balloon Animals

Garrett took his love for the art of balloons into a Burgeoning Business making Balloon Animal Cups with Candy.


A local Clifford youth has grown his love and talent of creating balloon animals and has parlayed into a burgeoning business.

Garrett first found his love for the art after his mom bought him a kit when he turned 10.

“I got a gift from my mom. It a little balloon kit from Dollarama. I started making them out of that. I went to YouTube to learn more. And we got better balloons. But it started getting expensive.”

The popularity of Garrett’s creations is undeniable. He has been booked every weekend recently at events throughout the community.

His balloon animal cups with candy are $6 each and can be pre-ordered from his Facebook page at Chuckles Balloons.

He will be at the Ranch’s 2nd Birthday Celebration tomorrow at the Listowel Legion from 1 until 4pm.