Leah Boven Fundraises for the Food Bank


Welcome to Roland’s Good News File… Brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate.. I’m Roland Archer.

The subject of today’s segment is a Grade 6 student who did what a lot of us do when we see people in need… she tried to raise money for the cause.

Such was the case with Grade 6 student at Hullett Central Public School Leah Boven. She was so moved by her principal’s presentations on the impact of Covid-19 on area residents lives she starting a fundraising campaign.

“I knew I wanted to do something to help people because our School did a food drive and our Principal gave a fact every day about how Covid-19 affected people because they their job and stuff like that. I thought of supporting local business and supporting people that need it.”

Leah started selling a local barbeque sauce and Maple Syrup to fundraise for the Food Bank. The response was so strong that her initial goal of $750 for the Food Bank soon grew. She credits a few people at her school with the success of the fundraiser.

“My Principal really helped me. He did the food drive. I need to thank another teacher there. Ms. Elder. She’s our Leadership Committee Teacher and she helped me with that. She got me started on who to contact.”

When all of the sales were added up Leah ended up raising double her initial goal with 1500 dollars. This mean not only a donation of 750 to the local food bank but also another 750 dollar donation to the Huron Women’s Shelter Second Stage Housing facility in Clinton.

Congratulations on your hard work Leah. You show that when a Community works as a team then no one is left behind.

For Roland’s Good News File.. Brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate I’m Roland Archer.

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