Janet Conners tells us how Corey’s golf career got started

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A mother’s belief in her children is something that never waivers throughout their life. When it comes to Corey Conners mother Janet this belief in his golfing ability has been reinforced more and more as time has went on.

Janet tells us at what young age Corey picked up an interest in golf.

“As a toddler in the summer afternoons he loved hitting balls in our backyard. He was about 18 months old. He’d have plastic baseball bats and plastic golf clubs and he’d hit all the way around the house or all the way around the backyard. He was pretty little. Baseball and golf were his favourite toys.”

Janet and her husband golfed themselves. It was on these trips to the Listowel Golf Club for their golfing that Corey reinforced his interest in the game.

“I say by age 4 he was riding along at the actual golf course. He’d jump out on the green and putt along with us. Slowly he started playing more holes. He was about 7 when he shot 18 hole. I have his little card. I pulled it out at his wedding. It said he shot a 101.”

There was a point in Corey’s evolution as a golfer where Janet realized he could make a career about it. She tells us about that moment.

“Corey was 100% passionate. That never faulted from age 9 when he started competing. I think he was always in the mix. I think playing with the men’s national team and all the resources they helped him with. That’s when I saw the potential.”

One of the influence that Janet thinks fosters Corey’s abilities is his wife Mallory. Janet tells us of the support she provides Corey at all of his events.

“Maybe people don’t know she walks every hole of every tournament when he’s playing. And I am so happy that he’s got that support person every step of the way with him.”

Listowel takes great pride in Corey. You won’t find a weekend where Corey is taking part in a tournament where social media isn’t buzzing with community members discussing the latest action on the golf course. Janet explains what this means to the family.

“I am just speechless sometimes. This is my child. And everyone loves him. He’s Listowel’s boy. It’s hard to put into words how incredible a feeling it is. He loves his community so much.”

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