Candidates Return to Stratford for Debate


As the provincial election is just one week away, debates continue to drive.

All candidates for Perth-Wellington were in attendance in Stratford for the Chamber of Commerce debate.

Similar topics seen at previous debates were discussed including healthcare, cost of living, employment and housing.

In regards to protecting seniors, Ashley Fox for the Liberals, who is also a registered practical nurse says bringing back what was cut in home and long term care is important, adding non for profit and smaller hubs to better support seniors.

“and we’d be looking towards a non for profit, long term care smaller hubs to really support our seniors.” said Fox.

NDP’s Jo Dee Burbach says the party would work to make all long term care public and non for profit, saying residents in those ends of care have received better service.

Matthew Rae for the Conservatives mentioned the dedicated hours to serve seniors per day.

Certain questions saw some interruption from the audience who were in attendance in person for the event.