Stolen Vehicle recovered along with weapons and drugs in St. Marys


On the afternoon of Tuesday, April 6th Stratford Police located a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the town of St. Marys which was later determined to be stolen out of Calgary.

At the time the vehicle was located 2 males who were identified as a 44 year old St. Marys resident and a39 year old resident of London were observed to be in possession of the vehicle.

The vehicle was seized shortly before 5pm at which time the 44 year old male was located, placed under arrested and transported to Stratford Police Headquarters.

The vehicle was loaded with a large amount of property nd was towed to police headquarters to be searched. An initial search located a stun gun, magazine with live ammunition and 906 grams of cannabis.

Due to these items being found, the K9 unit conducted a further search of the vehicle and located 14.5 grams of suspected purple fentanyl hidden further within the vehicle.

Approximate value of the cannabis located was over $9000 with the value of the fentanyl estimated at $4350.

As a result of this investigation both males have been charged with numerous offenses including several weapons related, drug offences for possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of stolen property.

Each male has also been charged individually with breaching court imposed condition.

The 44 year old has been released from custody and scheduled for court on May 31st. The 39 year old’s whereabouts are currently unknown and a warrant for his arrest is being requested.

Both people cannot be identified as their charges have not yet been sworn before the court.