Speed Limit Reduction in Urban Areas in Mapleton Rejected

Gregg Davidson says its council decision on reduction, OPPs to enforce


A proposal to drop the speed limit in urban areas in Mapleton from 50km an hour to 40km has been rejected.

A report brought to council saw the call for a reduction of the speed limits in Drayton, Moorefield, Alma, Rothsay and other local areas to Mapleton.

The recommendation comes on concerns about speed around school zones in urban areas.

However the request did not fly with council as despite many agreeing it is a good call to reduce speed its a stretch to drop down to 40km, more so when the 50km limit isn’t really being enforced.

Mayor Gregg Davidson who was in favour of the reduction says it is there decision to make the call on speed reduction and the OPP’s to enforce said limit.