Perth County Still Looking at Coyote Hunting Program


Perth County council is continue to look at ways to deal with coyotes.

In a recent county council meeting CAO Lori Wolfe presented a report in regards to a Coyote Predation Program within the county.

An outline of the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program saw since 2021, there has been 8 claims in Perth County on the program which allows livestock operators to be reimbursed for lost livestock due to predation.

Council has been looking into the coyote program to compensate those who hunt coyotes to a maximum of 10 with a $100 reward per pelt.

While some suggested waiting a bit longer to make a decision, councilor Jim Aitcheson says residents have waited long enough.

“I’m going to repeat the comment made to me by a ratepayer, ‘are you going to wait until a child gets chewed up by a coyote or are you going to do something?’ that was a comment made to me I’m just repeating it.” said Aitcheson.

For the time being however, staff has been directed to implement education, communication and reporting mechanism for coyote sightings with the county with a bylaw for financial incentives being discussed later.