Perth Children’s Water Festival Begins Today

Water Festival Slides will be released each month from October to April with fun and educational activities.


The Perth Children’s Water Festival Committee is sharing virtual opportunities and resources with classes across Perth County as part of the Children’s Water Festival.

The Children’s Water Festival is a fun and educational event for students in Grades 4 & 5 to learn about the importance of water in their daily lives.

Each month from October to April a new Google Activity Slide will be released. They each feature links to fun and educational activities. Teachers will receive each slide in advance to help with planning.

The first slide was released today. The slides were created by different Community Partner Organizations showcasing how they protect, conserve and or use water.

Slides released will remain active until the end of the 2021-22 school year.

To find more information on the Children’s Water Festival visit

A short video on the event is below.