Listowel Bocce Club Request Lighting from Council


There could be some much needed lighting coming for the Listowel Bocce Club.

North Perth council heard from Anne Darou from the club who asked council to get some lighting installed at the bocce courts near Maitland Terrace as players struggle at times later in the day to take part due to the lack of lighting.

Darou says the use of lighting would be limited and keep it simple for the town in terms of any electricity costs.

“We would only require lights two evenings a week for about 2 hours when the time changes and it starts getting dark earlier. We have about 20 players and some of them have low vision and trouble seeing the ball when it starts getting dark earlier in the evening” said Darou.

Council for now has asked staff to have a report put together on the matter of lighting at the courts and its expected a complete decision will come at a future meeting.