Community Living Looking for Council Support for Growth


North Perth Community Living spoke with council on Monday discussing the housing needs in the community dubbed the Bring Us Home campaign.

The campaign is working towards address the housing needs for those with development disability needs. Community Living currently operates 4 homes which houses 16 individuals with another home up and coming.

Jennifer Croft, Executive Director for Community Living North Perth says this need for housing can greatly support young adults with development disabilities.

“Some of these individuals are learning how to be adults for the first time. Learning those skills at the same time as managing a household requires extra support and skill building. Our new building will have 8-10 full apartments each with its own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living space which will give each of the residents to live independently” said Croft.

Community Living requested council to donate land to help with expansion to support those who they support.

Council for now has requested staff to work with Community Living on the matter with a report due back to council in the future.