The Optimist Club of Moorefield (03/22/21)

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If there has been one area of our Community that has faced new challenged in terms of staying strong during the last just over a year for the pandemic it’s been charities.

One charity in particular has really evolved their fundraising to meet the current condition we are currently in. It is the Optimist Club of Moorefield.

With their in-person events restricted for the last year the organization has relied on resident participation in fundraisers such as bottle drivers to raise money for the programs they support.

Optimist Club of Moorefield Member Tim Bates explains.

“Fundraising is usually pretty simple on a regular year. Through these times it’s tough to find ways to get around. We can still fundraise. We can’t do our normal events. We’ve done pretty well with our bottle drives. Our most recent one we donated to the Food Bank of Drayton. Through these times they need all the help they can get”

The causes supported by the Optimist Club of Moorefield is vast and diverse. Tim tells more.

“All the money we raise goes into kids event in the community. Fishing derby, bike rodeo, swim lessons. We donate to local sports teams. Our ultimate goal is to put a roof over our hockey rink. We are on our way but still a way out.”

There is another bottle drive planned by the Optimist Club of Moorefield for April. No date has been set yet but residents are asked to keep checking the Club’s social media for more information.

“This one will be a full bottle drive where we drive around and pick them out. It won’t be one where people have to drop them off.”

You can find them under Optimist Club of Moorefild on Facebook. You can email them at info at moorefieldoptimist dot ca.

For Roland’s Good News File… brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate… I’m Roland Archer.

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