Stan Eby – Ontario Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductee

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There is a certain amount of hard work that goes into being a successful farmer. The day in and day out effort that ensures your family has food on their table and your business survives season to season. This is where Kincardine area farmer Stan Eby started.

His hard word and efforts through his career as a Beef Farmer and more are being recognized by induction into the Ontario Agricultural Hall of Fame in June.

His nomination comes from the Beef Farmers of Ontario. He’s served as the head of both the Ontario Cattleman’s Association and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. It was during this time with those organizations that the industry as a whole went through trying times., first the Walkerton water crisis in 2000 and then the BSE crisis in 2003.

During the Wakerton crisis, Eby conducted hundreds of meetings and interviews about the sustainability of the beef industry. Then later in the BSE crisis after the international borders closed to Canadian beef, Eby led the Canadian Cattleman Association to reposition the beef industry including increasing expansion of domestic processing.

He also was involved in the introduction of Canada’s cattle identification program in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that allowed traceability program designed and developed for the containment and elimination of cattle disease.

On the crop side Eby started his operation in Kincardine about 50 years ago. Yields have grown from 80 to 90 bushels per acre of corn to now double that to be considered a strong year. He has seen the dramatic change in Bruce County agriculture with livestock numbers being reduced and replaced with cash crops.

When Eby is inducted into the Ontario Agriculture Hall of Fame on June 13th he will bring the total membership to 240. The ceremonies will be virtual due to the pandemic. Eby is the fifth Bruce County resident to receive the honour.

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