SPARC Performing Arts Network

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It is a popular saying that a good organization is more valuable as a whole than through it’s individual parts. The breadth of knowledge of each person working in concert with all other means that each person has a much more diverse understanding.

This really holds true in the performing arts community through the SPARC network. It’s purpose is to foster and sustain performing arts communities located in rural and remote Ontario. They believe that in order for that part of the economy to survive they need to people, services and systems that let them community with each other effectively.

SPARC operates through a network coordinator and a dedicated group of volunteers that form the Network’s Steering Committee.

They serve creators such as musicians, actors, dancers, choreographers, videographers and singers. Presenters such as venues organizations and festivals who showcase the work being create. Producers are also a key group in the network as they are the companies, troupes and organizations that handle the administrative side of the creation and presentation process. Finally the Animateurs who are the volunteers, committee & board members and the patrons. These are those that encourage and drive the growth of performing arts in their communities.

SPARC uses a wide variety of methods to foster their member collaboration. They have online communications and platforms that aim to foster communication between members to exchange ideas, find solutions to challenges and share success stories.

E-newsletters, blogs and social media are also used to share stories about initiatives that work in one community and offer them to others. There is also the ability to share information about upcoming workshops and funding deadlines that may be relevant to members.

SPARC also believes in in-person gatherings when possible. They have held consultations in Wellington, County, Owen Sound, Simcoe County, Norfolk County and more.

Membership in SPARC is free. It allows members to access the members database, members only Facebook group, discounts on Symposium registration fees and access to to SPARC services including collaborative community initiatives funding.

For more information on SPARC and to check out features by Mapleton Native Youth Blogger Alexis Kuper just go to sparcperformingarts dot com.

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