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A labour of love is one that sees hard work done even before the thought of it becoming a full-time business enters the picture. Such is the case for the Bad Apple Brewing Company in Zurich, Ontario.

The roots of bad apple go back to a ferment on premises business that saw founder Jason and his wife Sarah Ingram start the journey that led them to operating a full microbrewery.

“My husband was a home brewer for a long time. Then in 2014 we decided to open up the orchard here and start a home brewing company. He was that for 2 years teaching his love for home brewing. In 2016 we decided to change out license to a craft brewery as we had lots of people coming in off the highway and wanted to buy it buy the bottle. It worked out really well actually.”

The business grew steadily and by 2018 founder Jason was able to leave his other job as a sheet metal foreman and focus entirely on brewing the beer he loves to do in Zurich. Sarah says their business plan is simple.

“Every year we try to grow in a new capacity. Grow our brew house. Grow our building. This year are going to build a pavilion in the orchard. That will be great for Covid restrictions. We can grow out in the orchard. Have some cover out there.”

With a name like Bad Apple you would think that every beer they make would contain that core ingredient but that isn’t the case.

“It’s beer. We do make use of the apples we use onsite. In the Snappy Apple Sour beer. Then we have the Cyser-Weizen that was a wheat beer base almost a frooley with apple instead of strawberry.”

I recommend if you are ever in the Zurich Area near Bayfield and Grand Bend that you give Bad Apple Brewing Company a try. You can taste the love and dedication in everything they create.

You can find them at

For Roland’s Good News File… brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate… I’m Roland Archer.

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