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Publishers Clearing House Scam Claims Another Victim

Stratford Police says another victim has been claimed in a Publishers Clearing House Scam.

On March 20th, Stratford Police was contacted from a Perth South resident who was scammed out of $30,000.

Police learned on February 11th, the victim was contacted by a male who said they were from Publisher’s Clearing House saying they had won $12,000,000.

The victim was told to send money from pre-paid VISA cards to pay for the taxes of the prize money.

When the scammers asked for more money, the victim had believed they were in a scam and refused to send more funds.

A 2nd individual then made arrangements to send money from various bank accounts when they gained access to the victims account and made it appear money was deposited.

Several transfers were then sent totaling $32,500 until the victims account was frozen.

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