OFA’s Burgers Up Ontario Challenge!

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With today being Canada’s Agriculture Day.. it was the day when producers of all sorts are recognized for the importance in our communities.

One way we can show our support is through the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s Burger Challenge. It is a challenge to their members, partners, stakeholders and you to source as many local ingredients as possible for your burger creations.

Such things as locally sourced ground meat, baked goods for buns and toppings such as Ontario grown vegetables along with some as a side dish.

If you are vegetarian you are welcome to participate as well. Source a good local meat substitute or veggie patty and create a similar burger like creation.

The OFA will be using their social media platform and their e-newsletter to challenge their followers to take part.

Make sure to snap a picture of your creation before taking a bite. Share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag BurgersUpOnt. And make sure to tag any of the local producers who made sure your creation was as local as possible.

Canada’s Agriculture Day launched in 2016 as a day to commemorate our Country’s farmers. Today is the day to celebrate each member of the agri-food supply chain that works hard to ensure Canadians meals remain full of local, nutritious and affordable food.

Remember supporting local farmers is a great way to ensure that they are thriving today and keep growing for tomorrow. It’s great to shop local even when it comes to food.

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