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North Perth Westfield Adds 4 New Portables on School Grounds

With the school year back in session one thing locally which grabbed the attention of many was new portables being installed at North Perth Westfield.

4 new portables were added over the summer which drew in mixed emotions from the public over social media but the board has addressed some issues raised, mainly around ventilation.

In an email with the Ranch Newsroom, Cheri Carter, Superintendent of Corporate Services and Treasurer provided some additional information regarding the use of portables and looking more long term when it comes to ideas of a new school

-School Boards must show longer term (i.e. sustainable) over-capacity at a school before the Ministry will consider approving a Capital Application for an addition or a new school. We also know that the demands in the province far outweigh the funding, so funding is not an automatic if you are over capacity for a number of years

– Portables, or Porta-paks – a group of portables, are used extensively across the province by any school board that is over capacity. It is really the only physical space-increasing mechanism boards have to accommodate students that exceed the space available, besides using libraries or gymnasiums which is not ideal.

Facilities Administrator Hugh Cox says each portable has mechanical ventilation with added air filters to the units.

Portables were approved for the school last June when a boundary review was conducted and feedback from parents on potentially moving grade 7 and 8 students to the high school was given and the board’s trustees voted to instead have portables.

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