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North Perth Putting Up Six Roads in County Wide Road Network Process

North Perth is putting forward 6 local roads as part of the County’s road network assumption process.

The process is to provide a framework to inform the process of reviewing and rationalizing the inter-County road network which also happens to fall in line with North Perth’s Transportation Master Plan with a goal to identify roadways in the urban areas for potential road classification changes.

The roads being submitted include;

Line 87 from Road 165 to Road 140
Road 165 from Perth Line 86 to Line 88
Line 84 from Road 164 (Hwy 23) to Perth County Road 147
Line 88 from Road 164 (Hwy 23) to Road 140
Road 158 from Line 84 to Perth County Line 72

Manager of Operations Lyndon Kowch says there are a select number of local roads in North Perth that regardless will be getting an upgrade down the road.

“A lot of these roads like 84 and 87 are going to be upgraded regardless of whether they become a bypass in that 5-10-15 year window because they are deteriorated. They will be slightly widened or very much widened as a bypass road” said Kowch.

Kowch added there isn’t a proper cost associated with the entire process just yet as it will be dependent on what highways are stuudied and potentially transferred either up or down.

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