Fergus Mom & Daughter Make and Sell Candles in support of SickKids Hospital Foundation (02/18/21)

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It’s amazing the perspective viewing the world through child like eyes gives you. It seems every parent learns something new about themselves by just listening to their children’s point of view.

Such is the case with Fergus resident Lisa Johnson and her 7 year old daughter Kylee. The pair are selling their own home made candles as a fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital Foundation.

Lisa tells me that the recent stay-at-home order and lockdown was motivation behind how it started.

“We had exhausted our crafting abilities at the house and came across a kit online for making candles. My daughter was excited and it really took off from there.”

Kylee was also motivation for choosing the fundraising cause for what to support with the proceeds from their project. Lisa explains how the decision was made.

“I’ll admit I don’t know if I would have made the same decision at 7 years old. It did 100% come from her. We had watched a SickKids clip on YouTube that I think really got to her.”

The candles they are selling for $5 each are handmade by Lisa and Kylee themselves. Lisa tells me what goes into each one.

“They are 4 once soy candles that are in small mason jars with hand made labels made by Kylee. She chose the scents so we have vanilla lavender, bergamot and coming from Fergus we have Scottish Heather.”

The easiest way to order candles is to send an e-mail to Lisa and Kylee at kyleescandles at gmail dot com. They are doing Fergus area deliveries with every purchase. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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