Lucknow District Co-Operative

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The topic of this segment is the Lucknow District Co-Operative. This is a business owned by it’s members. The Co-Op provides the services and products that are needed by area farmers and the general public. Co-Op General Manager Allan Scott explains.

“We are more of an input supplier. Petroleum, diesel for farms, gasoline, propane to heat your house, to run your corn dryers and we also have our feed department. We sell bulk feed and bag feed from our warehouse. We have a store like a TSC Store. We also have our Agronomy side; cropping. Seed, fertilizer, anything to do with crop inputs.”

One way in which the Co-Op returned its success in the Communities they serve was with their donations of $100 thousand dollars each to the Alexandra Marine & General Hospital in Goderich, the Wingham & District Hospital and the South Bruce Grey Health Centre in Kincardine. Allan says the donations to these hospitals made sense to their members.

“We are sort of the central hub of the three of them. Some of our patrons would go to Wingham, some would go to Kincardine, I would go to Goderich. It made sense to spread it around.”

The recipient hospitals have all offered their thanks the Lucknow District Co-Operative for their donations. The Kincardine Hospital Foundation has already earmarked their donation towards the purchase of a CT scanner for the hospital. The Wingham and District Hospital Foundation will use the money to upgrade medical technology and give the caregivers there the tools they need to provide excellent health services to patients for many years.

It’s amazing to see local businesses giving back to their communities. It really is a gift that keeps on giving.

For Roland’s Good News File, brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate, I’m Roland Archer.