Listowel Technology is Hiring!

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Listowel Technology is a manufacturing company located here in Listowel. Manager of HR Neil Anstett explains what exactly they do there.

“We are a tier 1 supplier for Honda. We supply plastic injected molded parts for the Civic and CRV. We make many different car sets but those are the main ones.”

The great thing about the company these days is they are looking to grow their workforce. Neil tells us more.

“We are looking for a large number of positions. Mainly in our production positions. Always hiring.”

The company has been able to continue working even during these trying times. Neil tells us why.

“We are deemed essential. We have been working all the way through. All manufacturing is essential.”

For those with other responsibilities they do offer a variety of work shifts. Neil tells us more and whether the shifts rotate.

“You are on that shift. If you are hired for afternoons you stay on afternoons. Nights stays on nights. We do have three shifts day, afternoon and nights. Right now we are just hiring for afternoons and nights. That being said we have lots of opportunity in those two shifts.”

Listowel Technology is a great supporter of the community as well. Neil tells us the reason behind the focus on giving back.

“Absolutely. It’s where our employees come from. It’s where they live and work. It’s really important to support our local community because without them we don’t exist.”

For more information on the company you can search for Listowel Technology on the internet. Or you are able to drop by a resume in person. They are located at 1700 Mitchell Road South in Listowel.

For Roland’s Good News File.. Brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate I’m Roland Archer.

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