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Listowel Businesses Raising Issues with Building Department

Many Listowel businesses have been raising their issues with North Perth’s Building Department.

Various business have all cited their concerns which range from unanswered emails, a lack of accountability, costs with builds being increased suddenly, issues working with specific people with the department, issues being raised years after their business has already launched and meetings with officials either being delayed by months or being denied.

These claims from some businesses say the result of these issues has ended up in a loss of revenue.

While speaking with the Ranch Newsroom, North Perth Mayor Todd Kasenberg provided a statement on the issue.

When it comes to costs increasing for some businesses, Kasenberg spoke to the issue.

In terms of meetings being denied, Kasenberg says as far as he knows, no such thing occurs.

The Mayor while speaking with the Ranch Newsroom declined to make any comments regarding specific workers with the department.

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