Huron County Youth Fiction Author E.K. Johnston

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When it comes to realizing your dream sometimes it’s hardwork and other times it’s a stroke of luck. The subject of this Good News File’s journey to becoming of Canada’s most acclaimed Youth Adult Fiction authors is somewhere in between.

E. K. Johnston grew up not too far from the area in Egmondville in Huron East. She tells us how growing up in that area guided her in her development as a writer.

“We had this huge backyard when we lived in the country. I would play outside pretending I was in Star Wars or I was in the Chronicles of Narnia or sometimes both at the same time and that is sort of where the storytelling thing happened.”

The chance opportunity to really focus on her writing happened in 2008. She had graduated from her Masters Program directly into the 2008 recession. This break in life gave her the time to focus on her own writing that gave her the creation that would launch a career.

“I started writing original projects that were short stories that escalated into books. In 2011 I wrote a full manuscript and my friends said this is a thing you could get published and I said Oh yeah that’s a thing I could do.”

Of all of the subject matter that E.K. covers in her books she readily admits that youth adult fiction is her favourite.

“They are the most fun frankly. You get these fun coming of age stories where everything is super important. Whether it’s a math test or the end of the world. It’s all the same level of importance.”

If you are looking for more information on E.K. Johnston and the novels that she has written you can visit her website at E.K. Johnston dot ca. There is a list of all of her books as well as contact information and future event listings.

E.K. offers this tip in terms of budding future authors of tomorrow.

“What I tell kids is write for fun and read everything. And read everything. You are going to find these new stories, ways of telling stories and when you sit down to tell your own version of stories they will be different because they come from you.”

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