Huron County Hockey Heroes

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There are many labours of love that we take on regardless of how long we think it will take to complete them. This was definitely the case for Seaforth’s David Scott.

The Author spent 5 years writing and decades before planning what would become his first book “Huron Hockey Heroes”.

“I’ve been a writer for many years going back to when I took Radio & Television Arts at Ryerson. That was back in the late 80’s.”

His roots were actually in broadcasting… having spent 4 years at the CBC on the Journal news magazine program in a production capacity.

“Really wanted to make the transition to writer. Moved back to my hometown of Seaforth. Taking a cut of half my salary from CBC and doing good old fashioned reporting for the Huron Expositor.”

It was this return to roots for him that planted the seed of telling a story. While on the beat as a reporter he uncovered the undeniable fact that Huron County has been responsible for an unbelievable number of professional hockey players, coaches and the like. The story needed to be told.

“It’s close to 2 dozen. It’s pretty impressive. People that have played at least 1 game in the NHL from Huron County. There are about 22 or 23 of them. Then if you count Scott Driscoll who’s an official as well in the NHL it’s 24.”

The book is organized by last name as Scott wanted to make sure there was an easy way to find a specific player and to not differentiate between what capacity each person was involved in the game.

The book started with a printing with 1000 copies but sold out being sold only at a grassroots level locally. The second printing is now in stores with copies even being shipped across Canada and the world.

You can find your copy in most local area Huron businesses. There is more information available at the Huron County Hockey Heroes Facebook page.

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