Roland’s Good News File – Eastdale Elementary Blue Hearts Campaign

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When times are tough in any community the real strength of it’s residents is in how they band together to support those in need.

This was definitely the case in the Community’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak at Caressant Care here in Listowel.

Eastdale Elementary School is located in the heart of the Community. Eastdale Principal Ruth Lovell tells us how the outbreak at Caressant hit them closer to home.

“We have many of our students and staff who have connections to staff at Caressant care and residents. We all feel helpless on the outside but we want to show our support to the residents and to all the healthcare workers who are working so hard right now to help our vulnerable community members.”

This showing of support is in the form of blue hearts that students and staff put up in their windows. Its a small gesture that they hope offers a glimmer of hope to those dealing with those that they love in the battle against Covid-19.

“Our theme this year for our school is to be a light. This is one little way we can be a light for somebody else in the community”

I recommend if you have the time to create blue hearts for the windows in your home. It offers not only the front line workers a visual reminder that what they are doing to support us and keep us sale is valued but also that no one is alone in our community. When one residents is in trouble we all will be there to make sure everyone gets through this trying time.

“I just know the community support means a whole lot on the inside. I also know the medical team is all hands on deck.”

You can find more inspirational messages from Eastdale Elementary School by going on Facebook.

For Roland’s Good News File.. Brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate.. I’m Roland Archer

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