Carli – Circle K Offers a Miracle


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Today’s Good News File comes from Carli.

She and her family recently moved to Atwood from the City of Cambridge. The family has 3 young children ages 7, 6 and 3. One night recently their youngest woke up early in the morning crying and with a fever. He’d had the fever on and off all day. Not that high she said.. so they were just keeping an eye on the young guy.

One Carli got home that night she found her youngest asleep. Her husband had told her he’d been sleeping most of the night. She checked on him and his fever was higher so they decided he needed a bit of medication.

Upon checking the medicine cabinet they found out they were completely out of Children’s Advil. It had just hit 11pm so they thought they were out of luck. They checked online and found the local Circle K in their area was listed as 24 hours. When they called they found out that they were closed due to new deep cleaning protocols at the location. She asked if they knew anyone in the area that was open as their youngest really needed some relief from his fever.

The man on the phone told her if she came down he would open up just for her and her family to get the little guy his medicine.

They rushed to the Circle K to buy it and pick it up. Upon arriving at the convenience store the man handed them the Children’s Advil and refused their payment.

Candi is so thankful to this man for even just opening up when they were closed. But the fact that he gave her the medicine at no cost made her and her family so thankful.

She says it’s restored a lot of their faith in society.

Glad to hear someone put a smile on your face and your soul Candi. All the best to you and hope your youngest is feeling better.

For Roland’s Good News File.. Brought to you by Royal LePage Don Hamilton Real Estate.. I’m Roland Archer

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